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Wisteq supplies RFID tags that are hard, durable and designed to operate well in the harshest environments. Because of their durability, they are particularly good for long-term use.

Most of our products are designed to be mountable on metallic surfaces.

We deliver mainly UHF transponders, because of their superior performance in

International standardization is proceeding rapidly, which ensures the compatibility of all systems now and in future.

Wisteq is now able to offer RFID tags that can be attached on metal surfaces and liquid containers - something that used to be virtually impossible before.

Typically, the transponders can be read over the distance of several meters.

 As part of our projects, we are able to provide different types of marking of the tags, such as bar codes, texts and logos. In addition, fast and secure fixings to attach the tags on different surfaces, are on offer. The tags can also be supplied ready-fitted and fully tested for operational functionality.