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Typically, RFID applications are related to logistics: tracking and controlling of material in factories or in supply chains.

In many cases, supply chain management, materials handling, access control as well as asset management can all be handled with this new and efficient technology.

Besides logistics, hundreds of new applications are just waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, the capability to exchange information during a logistic process transforms RFID tags from automatic identificators to "mobile databases". This property enables entirely new and innovative control procedures.

RFID is among several technologies that can be used to renew different processes. Because the RFID technology has proved more reliable, faster and easier to use than any identification technology before, it is currently being applied all over the world.

Even though RFID is often used side-by-side with bar codes, the new technology is breaking through particularly in processes that have not benefited from bar codes as much as it had been hoped.